Bule, come here.. I tell you about Alay and Lebay

hello veroooh.. what’z ap?? yoyo mamen bamen kebumen…

Now I will introduce about ” The greatness of Indonesia in terms of making the nickname “
yo , in Indonesia we are indeed often create a nickname for the things that are considered taboo but decent discussed ( this sentence in the event of gossip )
Have you ever ” bule ” read a post on twitter ” Alay ” or ” Lebay ” from the Indonesian people against her own friends ? then , have you asked the meaning of ” Alay ” or ” Lebay ” itself ?
Alay is a nickname for people who do embarrassing things and smelling tacky , their activities do not harm any human being just makes an uncomfortable feel automatically because of their disgraceful attitude .
I will give an example
” Heloo , H0w 4R3 yuuu ? MiZz U de3r , itz b3An Lonk t ! M3 We HeAv3n MEAT ! ” ( hello how are you ? Miss you dear , it’s been a long time we have not meet )
What do you feel when reading the sentence above ? happy ? Upset ? angry ? uncomfortable ?
I felt curious, because for me the message of the Alay is a secret code , because it must be translated into the language dictionary of  ” Normal human “

If you are the ” Bule” see your friend like this, call them like this: “O you man Alay , let’s repent “


So, whether it Lebay ? ” Lebay ” is the nickname for those who are being exaggerated and overly dramatic sometimes .
They made as if tomorrow is doomsday , so they must be redundant .
sometimes, the nickname of ” Lebay ” can be given to those who spoke too excessive .
I give you an example
” yoyo .. my men , my stomach is too noisy , sounds like war happened on it , I can feel how the worms fighting each other and shout how angry are they , and I know how to fix it we should of make them quiet and satisfied by give them food , in other words I want to eat because i am hungry “


they are too much in explaining a case , when they can say ” I’m hungry and want to eat ” does not need to make a monologue .
if you are the ” Bule” have a friend like this tell to them:
” Hey man You are Lebay , go to the theater “…




    1. oh men kebumen.. apa kabar? ai lama tak liat yu bang..
      sbnrnya gue pake google translate.. dan memperbaiki beberapa.

      bagi gue mereka terasa berbeda.. dan dlm praktik jg jd berbeda…

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